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You asked, we listened...         Below are the top five
most frequently asked questions about the differences between
SmartMail, other mail platforms and Microsoft Exchange Online.
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Q: One word... SPAM

I spend a good 10-20 minutes a day culling through my emails, deleting spam and hunting for relevant messages. How can I eliminate this time-consuming task so we can get to work?

A: FOPE kills SPAM

Microsoft's Forefront Online Protection is a highly robust filtering system and has been engineered to keep your mailbox in top shape. It is built into our mail product.

Q: I can’t send large attachments and my mailbox is always FULL!

It’s so frustrating not being able to send a contract, vehicle descriptions and photos in one email and my mailbox often reaches its limit. How does Exchange Online solve this?

A: 50 GB and 35MB!

That’s 50 Gigabytes of storage PER USER!! AND 35MB per email send/ receive. You will be able to host and send large emails with ease. Not only does every mailbox have 50 GB of space, but so does your archive.

Q: Security is a real issue for us

Being a dealership that processes a lot of peoples private and confidential information, how do I know my emails are secure?

A: $11 Billion Promise

Hosted on multiple, redundant servers, Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure is the most secure place to keep your data and our solution complies with the most stringent regulations for auto dealers like PCIC and GLB.

Q: I get blacklisted... all the time

We send large email campaigns and get blacklisted and sometimes our mail is down. It’s a hassle and it causes us to lose deals. How can I be sure my email is reaching its intended recipients?

A: Microsoft Backed SLA, 99.9% Uptime

Cloud based servers help eliminate blacklisting and guarantee uptime. This means your emails will always be sent and received without delay. Your email service will not go down. If it does, Microsoft will pay you for the downtime.

Q: Why RyanTech?

There are a lot of technology companies out there trying to make a quick buck on software support. What makes RyanTech so special?

A: We are a Certified Technology Partner

...and a top Microsoft partner that evolved from a DMSi company almost two decades ago. We know automotive. When you make a service request, you’ll speak live with our support specialists located in Park City, Utah, USA.